Helping children and young people with Down syndrome reach their full, individual potential

We are a Surrey based charity providing exceptional support and specialist services for children and young people who have Down syndrome. We support families too by providing guidance, advice and friendship. By raising awareness about Down syndrome we also raise expectations about what our children and young people can achieve.

No label, no limits

We believe there should be no pre-conceived limit on what a person who just happens to have Down syndrome can achieve. No two people are exactly the same – we are all unique individuals with a range of talents and abilities; we each have areas where we need a helping hand or a bit of extra support. A person who has Down syndrome is no different.

What our families and supporters say…

Lifelong friends

“The therapies, the people, the cake…it’s all fabulous! We’ve made lifelong friends through PSDS. It’s such a special charity and is so close to our hearts.”

Wonderful potential

“We can’t thank PSDS enough for helping Billy, socially and educationally. With the support of PSDS I know he will reach his full and wonderful potential.”

Safe and accepted

“This is the most relaxed I have seen Ross when joining a new activity. I think he feels very safe and accepted at PSDS. It’s lovely to see his self-confidence developing.”

A great support

“The PSDS drama club gives Annie the opportunity to learn new skills, gain confidence and express herself. It’s the highlight of her week. I find the contact with the other parents a great support too.”


“What Róisín learns at DIGBIES is invaluable. Spending time with her friends is great for her social skills too. It’s also an opportunity for me to have a chat with friends.”

Amazing peers

“Matthew has found an amazing group of peers through his 5Club sessions. He looks forward to them and feels a sense of independence. I can’t thank PSDS enough.”

Forever grateful

“PSDS has provided us with hope, support, understanding and, overall, what Raquel needs and deserves. We are forever grateful to PSDS.”


COMING SOON… a film about PSDS and our fabulous members.